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Debt recovery in Russia
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We have been dealing with recovering debts from legal entities over 20 years in all the fields of business within as short period of time as possible in all the regions of Russia. We know everything about corporate debts.
We return debts to our clients located anywhere in the world. We have clients from Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Latvia, Georgia and Ukraine.

LAW COLLEGIUM provides a full range of services in the field of debt recovery from legal entities including:
Pretrial settlement
This includes professional negotiations with the debtor for the purpose of motivating the settlement of the dispute. We use all modern dispute resolution techniques during the negotiations.
Recovery of a debt in Commercial court
We represent our clients in commercial courts of all instances for the purpose of debt recovery. Our purpose in commercial court is to achieve either the recovery of a debt voluntarily, or a peaceful settlement. In the case of evasion from debt recovery settlement, we seek the maximum amount of payment in court, including penalties, interest, and other types of forfeits and legal costs.
Recovery of a debt based on enforcement order
Upon receipt of the executive writ, we request banks write off money from the debtors' bank account, negotiate with the debtor, and also use bankruptcy as a method of debt recovery.

We carry out debt recovery from legal entities!

Please send us brief information about your debtor, including your debtor's TIN, the amount of the debt, and the period of delay to our e-mail at: ur@urcollegia.ru We will promptly inform you how quickly we can recover the debt, as well as the commercial terms of our future agreement. You can also get any advice about debt recovery in Russia.

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